I am a simple girl!  Plop me on a beach with sun warming my face, a Sudoku puzzle in hand, a good podcast  (or music) in my ear...throw in some

palm trees, a breeze...  AND I'm one happy camper!

But let's be real, that's not everyday life (yet),

so you can find me playing card games with my family, binge watching Netflix, taking my   Augie to the dog park, designing,  eating cookies & finding the gratitude in the small things.

I married my blind date boyfriend, whom I met at 17.5 yrs old (wowee) and over two decades later, we are finally getting the hang of this thing we call life and marriage! We still like each other & enjoy hanging out...so I call that a win!

In 2002 I had an adorable  baby boy, soon to be followed by a sassy baby girl in 2004. 

Life was crazy (am I right mommas)?!

I quickly noticed other moms had gorgeous images of their kiddos... I NEEDED to be one of those!

It became my obsession to learn about how to capture my kids through a camera.

I was pleasantly surprised to figure out I had a great eye & gift for photography,

so I started Melissa Davis Photography.


I started designing fun goodies like holiday cards, wall displays & collages for my photography clients. 

My amazing photography friends encouraged me to  start selling my templates

& the rest is history (as they say)!


I love helping other photographers, whether you're a momtographer, hobbyist,

part-time, full-time or anywhere in between photographer! 

I find joy in helping YOU serve your clients, so they can enjoy the beautiful images you took...

So their images aren't lost in a sea of digital files...

I'm grateful I get to help you during YOUR journey, as a photographer, with my fun & unique  Photoshop templates!

That's it my friends... a quick peek at who I am, why I love doing what I do

& a fun list of things I want to do before I'm 40 (that's in Dec 2020)!

See anything you'd love to do on the list? Girl, do it with me before your next big birthday!

Until then, I can't wait to get to know YOU better too!

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Love ya,

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Fun and unique Photoshop templates for Photographers.